Lister Marine Gearboxes

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Please note that we will be closed from Friday 2nd November through to Monday 3rd December 2018. For enquiries during this time please leave an answer phone message or send an email, which will be dealt with on our return. For urgent spare parts requirements during this period, please email via this link.

Reconditioned Lister Marine Gearboxes

We stock various Lister marine gearboxes, available rebuilt or sometimes used, with or without final reduction gearboxes. We specialise in Lister SL4 and LM100 mechanical gearboxes, Lister LH150 hydraulic gearboxes and Lister-Blackstone 2G mechanical gearboxes.

Lister reconditioned gearboxes - general specifications: Please follow this link

If you wish to make an enquiry relating to a Lister Marine Gearbox, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Lister Marine Gearbox Spare Parts

Joint Sets and Seals

Bearings, Brake Bands and Clutch Cones

For queries relating to shaft bushes, please contact us

Contact: Email Telephone +(0)1213776029, +44(0)7415426368